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Flat feet also known as Pes Planus is a common condition which affects both men and women. All of us are born with flat feet and while we grow  our feet develop arches to aid our feet withstanding constant forces. At the age of 13 our feet are generally fully developed and the arch is clearly distinguishable. However, 10% of the population does not develop these arches or only slightly. Flat feet can still occur later in life due to illness, injury or simply ageing. The arch flattens out and what was once a normal developed foot is now a flat foot.

Having flat feet does not automatically mean you develop painful symptoms, flat feet are not a cause for concern. You can have flat feet and never have any complaints from it. It is possible though to develop flat feet problems and most adults do experience discomfort.

Flat feet can result in pain, tiredness, cramps, swelling in the feet and legs. Excessive growth of callus may occur. Joint pain of the knees, hip and lower back can be caused by flat feet.

Flat feet can’t be cured, either you have them or you don’t. The problems experienced from flat feet can be easily treated though by using orthotics (also known as insoles). Orthotics can provide the arch support that every foot needs. In most cases orthotics will clear all the negative symptoms caused by flat feet. 

Flat feet